Description and operation of the spa bath


The home jacuzzi spa bath has a tub that receives the water. Generally this tank is made of acrylic, a resistant material, which allows a multitude of shapes. One of the important parts of the spa bath is the pump, which draws water from the tub by means of a strainer. It puts it under pressure and then redistributes it, propelling it through the nozzles. The power of the pump and the number of nozzles determine the effectiveness and quality of the massages. The jets of water and / or air thus cause a massaging, energetic and energizing effect on the whole body. The nozzles, different in size and number, are distributed over the vertical walls of the tub. They can be fixed or orientable and mix air and water (Venturi effect), then expel the whole under pressure (bubbles visible on the surface of the water). At the bottom of the tub, the hydrojets inject pressurized water and the injectors air or water. The spa bath is also equipped with a blower. It is a small tube that draws in air and heats it. Then it squeezes it and propels it with a jet into the tubs jacuzzi. A level detector monitors the water level. In particular, it prevents the whirlpool system from being activated. If the bathtub fill level is insufficient, the pump may be damaged. How the spa bath works The spa bath has a manual or electronic control allowing the pump to be started. Usually this is a push button. An electronic control of the bathtub comprising a control keypad allows dynamic management and programming of several functions. These functions include: water temperature, duration of the bath, intensity of light, etc. This management of the bath can also be carried out using a waterproof hand-held remote control. Operation is naturally subject to numerous safety standards.

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