What type of spa is right for you?

Installing a spa at home requires a certain budget, but also a little common sense in choosing the right location. You will also need to define your needs: to relax after a day of work, a jacuzzi will do. Are you thinking of buying a jacuzzi tub, but you're not sure what to choose? There are many types of jacuzzi and you will have to take several parameters into account to make the right choice. Discover our tips and practical ideas for choosing the right spapascher for you to install at home Choosing between an indoor or outdoor jacuzzi? Indoor spa; requires a dedicated room, equipped in line with the jacuzzi, namely a dehumidifier preferably, avoiding damage to the walls, or even the floor, due to the strong evaporation generated by a hot tub in operation. Outdoor spa is above all a personal choice. Some spas are made to withstand the elements, but its placement will determine the route you will need to take each time you want to visit your spa. The different types of spa Inflatable spas, these spas are inexpensive and generally have good value for money. It is very simple and quick to install: simply inflate it using an electric pump supplied with the spa and fill it with water, it deflates, stores and moves very easily. The built-in spa, These are often the most beautiful spas because you can customize them, on the shape and materials around the spa: stone, mosaics, etc. It is the choice of tailor-made, which is why the built-in spa is the type of spa chosen by balneotherapy professionals. The portable spa is the most popular type of spa to the general public. Installation comes down to placing the spa on the ground, connecting it to a water supply and an electrical outlet. The swim spa is a compromise between a swimming pool and a spa. It allows you both to play sports and to relax, moreover its maintenance is also less restrictive and less expensive than a swimming pool

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