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Wondering how long you'll stay in your spa? Regarding the duration of your balneotherapy session, it varies consistent with your preferences but also of the aim of the utilization, because some temperatures are more adapted to the relief et al. have a vitalising effect.

What the duration?

The spa has relaxing virtues and allows you to understand moments of relaxation. A session of 20 to half-hour seems to be an honest compromise, you'll leave your jacuzzi spa, relaxed and free from your muscular contractions without being exhausted. It’s important to regulate the temperature of the spa water consistent with the surface temperature and also your personal feel. It goes without saying that summer with 35 ° C outside few people will want to immerse themselves in water at 38 ° C. during this case, the freshness of a water at 28-30 ° C related to the massages are going to be of the foremost pleasant. In winter, if your spa is outdoors and therefore the temperature is below 5 ° C, your spa water must be above your blood heat to stop your body from cooled down. 38 ° C seems to be an honest compromise because without being seized once you enter the water you'll have the sensation of a really warm water but you'll enjoy your session for 20 to 30 mn without being too hot.

How may be a spa session usually performed?

A spa session typically lasts between 15 and half-hour, but this duration are often adjusted consistent with the temperature of the water and your tastes. Normally, a spa is practiced for a session of 5 minutes empty (approach session), then quarter-hour of massage (pump) and 5 minutes of blower (bubbles) and eventually 5 minutes empty (recovery session ). Note, however, that the warmer the water, the less time it takes to stay: for 10 minutes at 40 degrees and 20 minutes at 34 degrees. Renewable session with conditions to go away the spa 10 minutes around.

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