Why buy a swim spa ?

Many parents want to buy a spa to enjoy the moments of relaxation and well-being it offers. However, children rather love to play in a pool and swim. So, does a household have to choose between the happiness of mom and dad or the pleasure of the children? No, the spa market offers, as a compromise, the swimming spa.

For the same price as a swimming pool, you can afford a swim spa. Moreover, in case of a breakdown caused for example by a jacuzzi pump, spare spa parts are easy to find.
The size of a swim spa

If you can swim in it, a swim spa is surely as big as a regular pool? Not quite, it is true that the market offers swimming spas of different sizes, however, it is generally smaller than a swimming pool. How do I swim? The counter-current swimming system allows you to swim without moving. As a result, you don't need an enormous amount of space in your backyard to install one.
Enjoy your swim spa all year round

Unlike a swimming pool, you can enjoy your swim spa during the half seasons. The water in your spa is heated at all times. However, if it is also possible to afford a heated pool, the price of a heated pool may be much more expensive than that of a swim spa.
Relaxing in peace and good humour

If there are single pool swim spa models on the market, it is highly recommended that you choose one that has two: the spa relaxation area and the counter-current swim area. With the latter, parents will be able to relax peacefully and watch their children learning to swim on the other side. In addition, this type of swim spa allows you to relax at a temperature of over 33°C and swim in water at a slightly lower temperature.

Finally, the swim spa is very convenient for a household that wants to enjoy the benefits of a spa and swim in a pool at the same time.